Jericho Fit – Born For Greatness Challenge!


Let’s Challenge to Change and start 2023 on a lighter note, literally! Welcome to Jericho Fit – Born For Greatness Program – A 45 day of Fitness Marathon guidance plan aimed at improving your health & lifestyle.

This program is completely online, easy to access and easy to execute. But This is NOT an online Training Program where u get to workout with me or my team!! instead you get a simple “do it yourself” plan for the day, an everyday routine that each member must follow. This will include your Jericho Fit Workouts & Lifestyle Challenges.

All members will have online guidance through our closed group Whatsaap community and to make things more interactive Coach K will be throwing out his day to day challenges that will bring out the competitive edge in each of you and keep you wired to battle the Weightloss demons you’ve long been losing to

Start Date : Nov 7
End Date : Dec 21


What does this Program Involve

• Diet Plan
• Eating Window Breakdown
• Workouts
• Daily Challenges (Lifestyle & Workout)
• Daily Goals
• Express Weekend Cal Burners for those who indulged a tad bit too much

What this program doesn’t Do :

• One on One or Group Based Online Training
• Customising Diet / Workouts as per clients liking
• Cater to Tantrums 😛

Who is this Program for?

This is for people who are looking to change their unhealthy lifestyle habits, get into a healthy eating routine and losing weight like you have never lost before while still enjoying building a solid fitness community that motivates them and the people around them. This program is easy to do and is open for anyone looking to break their Weightloss plateau. If you want to look great, feel fabulous and want to welcome 2023 on a lighter and brighter note, then this is the program for you. There is no two ways to it. It’s a one track program..the goal is to lose weight. Follow the plan to the Tee, the Results will be mind blowing.

Do I need to have access to a gym or do I need to have a certain level of fitness in me to take part

• You can workout at home
• Basic Equipments like DB’s / KB’s / BB’s would be great.
• Members can opt for Bodyweight Workout program if lifting weights ain’t your thing.
• You will need a fitness tracker or a smart watch to track your calories / steps etc
• Live Zoom workouts Monday – Wednesday – Friday at 1:30 PM with Coach K (if you want challenge yourself working out with the offline crew)

I bet you’ve tried and test a ton of programs out there, but Trust me when I tell you. There ain’t NONE like this one. Let’s Jericho!

Start Date : Nov 7
End Date : Dec 21